Common Scams

These are common scams that we have encountered in Waushara County. If you experience a scam, DO NOT give out any personal information.

Lottery Scam

Someone will call you, stating that they are calling to verify your information as you have won a lottery. The lottery is from outside the area. The caller will ask for personal information to help process the lottery winnings. They will also ask for money or a credit card number so they can process the claim. This is not needed for legitimate lottery programs.  The scammers are just trying to get your bank or credit card information.

Relative in Emergency Need

A common scam is a phone caller will say that a relative is in jail and they need money to get out of jail, or they're stranded because of a bank problem and they need money to get home. The phone caller will ask you for bank information or credit card information in order to "help out" this relative.

Paying a Warrant / Fine

A phone caller will say they have a warrant for your arrest, and you need to pay them a certain amount of money for the arrest warrant otherwise they will come and pick you up. Law enforcement agencies will not solicit payment for warrants and fines over the phone. Law enforcement officers will inform people of a warrant or fine but will not take a payment over the phone.

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