Our History

Waushara County Emergency Medical Services was established in 1975.  At that time, Waushara County purchased the ambulance that was being operated by the Poy Sippi Fire Department.  For those of us who remember EMS in the 1970s, it was very different from the EMS of today.  Treatment options were limited and equipment was primitive when compared to what we use today.  In many cases equipment was designed and manufactured by crew members.  These dedicated EMS providers from the early years definitely helped to shape what EMS has become today.


In 1984 the EMT-Intermediate program was implemented.  This allowed EMTs to improve assessment skills and have more treatment options available to them and their patients.  Shortly thereafter, In 1987, the EMT-Defibrillator program was put into place.  This allowed the EMTs to provide potentially lifesaving electrical therapy to patients whose hearts were in rhythms not compatible with life.  In 1997 the Paramedic interfacility program was started.  This opened the door to our Paramedic Intercept pilot program and eventually full time Paramedic Intercept and Transfer program in 2001.  In 2009 the service made the transition to ensuring at least one Paramedic on each ambulance at all times. Most recently, in 2013, WCEMS once again raised the bar by attaining State licensure at the Critical Care Paramedic level. 


Today, WCEMS boasts a roster of 21 full-time and 25 part-time clinicians with licensure levels ranging from EMT to Critical Care Paramedic.  With the continued support of the communities we serve, administration, physician medical direction, and Waushara County elected officials, WCEMS will continue to provide the quality out-of-hospital care that residents and visitors have come to expect.