Land Conservation

Mission Statement:

Promote conservation of our natural resources to a diverse group of landowners and future landowners in Waushara County, through educational opportunities, technical assistance and professional collaborations, that result in the long term stability of natural resources.

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Mt Morris Park Before Restoration
Mt Morris Park Restoration

The Waushara County Land Conservation Department is a subdivision of county government established under chapter 92, Wisconsin statutes. The department works under the direction of the Land/Water/Education Committee and coordinates natural resource management, environmental enhancement activities within county boundaries and administers a variety of county, state, and federal initiatives. It cooperates with and furnishes financial, technical and planning assistance to agencies, units of government, organizations and individuals.

The department places particular emphasis on soil conservation, water quality improvement, groundwater protection, erosion control, wildlife habitat improvement, farmland preservation and animal waste management. The department strives to promote the awareness of natural resources and their value to the citizens of Waushara County. We administer a cost-share program that provides funds to landowners who install conservation or best management practices. Individual staff assistance is provided to landowners and operators in the development of conservation plans and the survey, design, and layout of conservation practices. The department administers a variety of programs such as the animal waste storage facility ordinance, farmland preservation program, Land and Water resource management cost share program, wildlife damage claim and abatement program, and others designed to enhance the natural environment here in Waushara County. Environmental Education is provided to both adults and youth within Waushara County.


Below is a link to a video -  Impacts of Impervious Surfaces on Fish, Wildlife and Waterfront Property.


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