Jury Duty Questions


How are jurors selected?

Jurors are randomly selected from the State of Wisconsin, Department of Transportation, Division of Motor
Vehicles driver’s license and identification lists. The list is comprised of people with a motor vehicle license
or identification card who live in Waushara County and are at least 18 years old. They are not selected from
voting lists. Waushara County does not use any other source lists to comprise the pool of jurors selected.

How long is jury duty?

Waushara County assigns jurors to a one-month panel. You are notified in advance of the
month you have been assigned to. If jurors are needed summonses are mailed out about one week in
advance so you can make arrangements to be present for jury duty on the date summoned. No person can
be required to serve/attend court as a juror for more than 5 days unless more days are needed to complete
a specific trial. Once your one month service is complete, whether you have been summonses to the
courthouse or not you cannot be called again to serve for four years.

How much will I be paid and when will I get paid?

Waushara County jurors are presently paid $20.00 per day, plus mileage at the current county mileage rate.
Checks are usually mailed out 10 days after the jury term has ended.

Do I have to serve?

The law requires all qualified state citizens to be available to serve as jurors. Not all persons summoned
actually serve. The court will only consider excusing you for the following reasons:
  1. undue hardship
  2. hardship caused by age or health
  3. extreme inconvenience

When you receive a questionnaire, if you are requesting to be excused you must submit a written, notarized
statement. The procedure is included with the questionnaire.

Can I ask for a postponement?

Once you have been assigned to a panel contact the Waushara County Clerk of Courts office at
(920) 787-0417 to request a postponement for a period not to exceed three months.

What if I do not return my questionnaire?

An order to show cause will be served by the sheriff’s department giving you a hearing date to appear before
the court to explain why you should not be fined for not returning your jury questionnaire. If you willfully
misrepresent any material facts on the juror questionnaire or fail to return the questionnaire within 10 days
after receipt you may be required to forfeit not more than $500.00.

What if I do not appear when summoned?

If you fail to appear you will be served an order to show cause by the sheriff’s department with a date to
appear before the court to show cause why you should not be punished for contempt or fined or both, for
failing to appear for jury duty.

How do I request disability accommodations?

If you have a disability would like to request accommodations to allow you to serve as a juror put those
request under #6 of your jury questionnaire or contact the Waushara County Clerk of Courts office at
(920) 787-0417.

What if I do not have transportation?

If you are unable to drive, 60 years old or older or have a disability you may be qualified for transportation through the Department of Aging. Contact the Department of Aging (920) 787-0403. It is your responsibility to arrange
for transportation to the courthouse. Not having transportation cannot be used as an excuse not to serve as
a juror.

How do I get to the courthouse?

The courthouse is located in Wautoma. Directions: From Main Street in Wautoma, turn south on
St. Marie Street, go one block down, the courthouse is located on the left.

Where can I park?

You may park on the street or park at any of the parking lots located around and near the courthouse. Parking lots located at:
  • St. Marie Street and Park Street
  • Elm Street and Scott Street
  • Main Street and Scott Street