Emergency Preparedness

Planning Ahead:

Many people feel anxious about disasters. While the odds may be low that your family could be affected, it makes sense for everyone to be prepared. Having a plan can help your family be ready for any possible emergency, such as floods, tornadoes, or even unexpected trips to the hospital. It is especially import for caregivers to recognize the needs of the one they are caring for and to plan for ways to handle these needs in the event of a natural disaster or other family emergency. For additional information, visit the website:

The Department of Aging Services has a guidebook called “Plan Ahead” which describes some of the most important things for older adults or their caregivers to think about when planning for the unexpected. It is also a good idea to consider purchasing a weather alert radio.

Voluntary Special Needs Assistance Registry:

Waushara County Emergency Management has set up a database containing information about individuals in Waushara County who will require special assistance in the even of a disaster. This is a voluntary versus a mandatory registry. You might want to apply to be on the Waushara County Voluntary Special Needs Assistance Registry if you or someone you care for would:
  •   Need outside help to safely leave your home during a disaster
  •   Be in jeopardy if you had to stay in your own home for three days without assistance
  •   Need special notification about the need for evacuation, due to impairment
For more information, contact Waushara County Department of Aging at (920) 787-0403 or (877) 364-5344 toll-free.

Code Red Emergency Notification System:

CodeRED is a high-speed notification system that provides the Waushara County Sheriff’s Office officials the ability to communicate time-sensitive, personalized messages via voice, e-mail, and text messaging and quickly deliver messages to targeted area or the entire county, depending on the weather event or other emergency situation. If your telephone number is not in the database, you will not be called. All individuals who have unlisted phone numbers, who have changed their phone number or address, and those who use a cellular phone VoIP phone as their primary number should check to be sure they are registered by calling (920) 787-6622 or online at and follow the link to CodeRED Community Notification Enrollment.