Sheriff's Office

Sheriffs Badge Collage


Mission Statement

The mission of the Sheriffs Department is to enhance the quality of life for those people living and visiting in Waushara County by providing quality police service to the community. Protection and service will be accomplished by impartial protection of individual rights while maintaining public trust in the credibility, integrity, fairness, excellence and professionalism of the members of the Waushara County Sheriff’s Department. The Department is committed to teamwork and Community Policing through personal interaction with the people we serve to ensure the best quality of life in our community, and by equitable enforcement of the laws of Waushara County and the State of Wisconsin within the framework of the United States Constitution to preserve and advance democratic values. We take pride in our community, our department and our commitment to the welfare and protection of the citizens of Waushara County. We place great emphasis upon human life and make every effort to treat all people with dignity, respect and compassion.