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What are the floodfringe and the floodway?

The floodfringe is defined in NR 116, Wisconsin Administrative Code as: “that portion of the floodplain outside of the floodway, which is covered by flood water during the regional flood.  The term, floodfringe, is generally associated with standing water rather than flowing water.”  Under local floodplain zoning ordinances, construction may be permitted in a floodfringe if it meets certain standards.  New residences must be at least two feet above the Base Flood Elevation, they must have dry land access, and must not exacerbate flooding problems elsewhere.

The floodway is defined in NR 116, Wisconsin Administrative Code as: “the channel of a river or stream, and those portions of the floodplain adjoining the channel required to carry the regional flood discharge.”  Floodways are generally associated with moving water during a flood event.  Under local floodplain zoning ordinances, most construction is prohibited in a floodway.

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