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Agenda & Minutes - Human Services

Current Agenda & Minutes

CST Coordinating Committee 9/23/20Agenda    Minutes   
Financial Wellness Workgroup 9/23/20Agenda   
Human Services Board 9/22/20Agenda   
Literacy Workgroup 9/10/20- CancelledAgenda   
Backpack Nutrition Program 9/9/20Agenda   
Behavioral Health/Adv. Com - CCS 9/8/20Agenda    Minutes   
Financial Wellness Workgroup 8/26/20Agenda    Minutes   
Human Services Board 8/25/20Agenda    Minutes   
Financial Wellness Workgroup 7/29/20Agenda    Minutes   
Human Services Board 7/28/20Agenda    Minutes   
Waushara Prevention Council 7/27/20Agenda    Minutes   
Financial Wellness Workgroup 7/15/20Agenda   
Behavioral Health/Adv. Com - CCS 7/14/20Agenda    Minutes   
Literacy Workgroup 7/9/20Agenda   
Financial Wellness Workgroup 7/1/20Agenda    Minutes   
Human Services Board 6/23/20Agenda    Minutes   
Literacy Workgroup 6/11/20Agenda    Minutes   
Human Services Board 5/26/20Agenda    Minutes   
Financial Wellness Workgroup 5//20/20Agenda    Minutes   
Behavioral Health/Adv. Com - CCS 5/12/20Agenda    Minutes   
Human Services Board 4/28/20Agenda    Minutes   
Child & Family Partners 3/25/20 CancelledAgenda   
CST Coordinating Committee 3/25/20 CancelledAgenda   
Human Services Board 3/24/20 CancelledAgenda   
Children's COP Advisory Committee 3/18/20 CancelledAgenda   
Backpack Nutrition Program 3/18/20 CancelledAgenda   
Blue Ribbon Kid's Day Committee 3/17/20 CancelledAgenda   
Waushara Prevention Council 3/17/20 CancelledAgenda   
Literacy Workgroup 3/12/20Agenda    Minutes   
Behavioral Health/Adv. Com - CCS 3/10/20Agenda    Minutes   
V2020 Waushara Food Connection 2/28/20Agenda   
Financial Wellness Workgroup 2/26/20Agenda    Minutes   
Blue Ribbon Kid's Day Committee 2/25/20Agenda    Minutes   
Human Services Board 2/25/20Agenda    Minutes   
Literacy Workgroup 2/13/20Agenda    Minutes   
Active Aging Committee 2/12/20Agenda    Minutes   
Healthy Communities Healthy Youth 2/11/20- CancelledAgenda   
V2020 Waushara Food Connection 1/31/20Agenda   
Blue Ribbon Kid's Day Committee 1/30/20Agenda    Minutes   
Human Services Board 1/28/20Agenda    Minutes   
CST Coordinating Committee 1/22/20Agenda    Minutes   
Child & Family Partners 1/22/20Agenda    Minutes   
Waushara Prevention Council 1/21/20Agenda    Minutes   
Vision 2020 1/20/20Agenda    Minutes   
Backpack Nutrition Program 1/15/20Agenda    Minutes   
Financial Wellness Workgroup 1/15/20Agenda    Minutes   
Behavioral Health/Adv. Com - CCS 1/14/20Agenda    Minutes   
V2020 Resource Awareness wrkgrp 1/3/20Agenda    Minutes   


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